Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect

Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect

Alight motion preset

Friends, I had not given you the presets of alight motion for a long time. Then suddenly I remembered that brother I have not given this project so I thought let’s bring something bang and today in this article I have brought Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect for you. You are going to get not one, not two, but 50 plus presets. By the way, if anyone gives you this preset, he gives you five or 10, but I have come up with 50 for you. I have given 100-200 like this, you can see those also.

Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect

What happens with alight motion preset, you know you can edit your video with preset on alight motion. Like I give you preset for photo editing. Well look at this preset for video editing. If you want any other type of preset. Say that, I will bring that too for you. You can also download that preset. Today we have brought for you in the article which is alight motion preset where you are going to get 50 plus and see you can download it very easily. Where I have given its link. It is very easily available, the one who does not have it, can also use it easily.

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Alight motion Shake effect

In this, you get two types of your own preset. One is you xml the other is yours. Look at the project file, which is a project file, you need a subscription to the Elite Motion application. You have to purchase subscription, without subscription, you cannot use it. You can use XML for free, which you must have heard the name xmp. Same given xml. It is very easy to use. They know how to do it in the next paragraph and to download it, I have given the button below and also told. How do you download it?

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Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect
Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect

How To Use Alight motion Top 50 Shake effect

Look first you have to download the preset. After that you have to install the application from play store. Can’t use preset without application. After that what you have to do with simple is your preset. You have to share it and add it to the application and when you add it to the application, what you have to do there. There you have to see whether your xml has been added there or not. There you get another option. You can add the uploaded xml from there as well. When the add is done, its a separate project will be created, then you have to click there. There you will get 50 plus you which is layer.

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You will get to see them. Now you will first of all check what you want in it. You click on any one layer. There you have to go to Color and Feel and go to Media. From there you have to select a photo. By which you will know about that effect, how this effect works, in this way you should check all the effects. After that the effect you think is right. You have to click that effect. Then here you will get the option of effect below. You can copy effect by clicking on it. Then go to your layer and paste it.

How To Download Presets

I have given the button below for download. You just have to click on it. Then watch again as you click. From there itself I put the direct link. You can download it directly from there without any problem.

   download xml

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