Aqua And Pink Lightroom Preset Download In One Click

Aqua And Pink Lightroom Preset Download In One Click

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Today I have brought such an amazing preset which you will also be happy to see. Actually, whatever preset I bring, you people like it very much and you also download that preset easily. Like today in the article we have brought Aqua And Pink Lightroom Preset for you. I can also guarantee you that you will like this preset a hundred percent. You can easily download it and create your own video or photo. How can you use it? We will know all these things. Further, you just keep following this article.

Aqua And Pink Lightroom Preset

This is our today’s preset. Our today’s preset is going to be in aqua and pink color. No one is able to provide you this color preset because it takes a lot of effort to create it. Now look at some of the processes which are special in this. You have to follow that. See, if you do not follow that thing then your photo will not be ready like this. Then you will say that brother, look, the photo we have is in a different color, so if you have not followed the process, then how can you make it, then it is important for you to read some of the paragraphs below, such as the paragraph with pictures, from then onwards You will understand everything.

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Follow The Process

Step 1 :-

Now see, first of all you have to use this preset, so to use the preset you have to download it. This preset is given to you in dng format. You have to download it. Now as you have downloaded it. You have to do. This has to be added to the Lightroom application. There you have to do this and that. To do that you have to open the preset. You will find 3 dots there. From there you have to copy its settings. Once you copy the preset settings, what do you have to do after that?

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You simply have to go to your photo and click on the three dots there and paste it, then the preset settings will be applied to your photo and in this way blue and red color will appear in your photo. Now let us know how pink and aqua color will come, read the paragraph below for that.

Aqua And Pink Lightroom Preset Download In One Click

Step 2 :-

Now see, whatever photo you have created from your preset, after saving it, now here you have to use the picsart application and here what you have to do is to download the photo. picsart From Lightroom you have to add it here. After adding here, you have to go to the FC option. There you have to go to the color option. In that you have to go to the hue option and from there what you have to do is change its hue.

Now look here, you can select whatever color you like. Well I’m telling you. How to get aqua pink So here you have to take the hue ratio of 320 and after that you have to go to the simple erase option and remove it from your face and screen and the rest can be kept on your clothes. Yes and save it after that. That’s the only way you can do it.

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How To Download Aqua And Pink Lightroom Preset

To download, I simply gave you a button. You can download it from Simple. You have to click on it. From then on you will go with Simple. From there on the download page, you simply click on the download button and from there you can easily download.

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