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Friends, till date I have not provided such a template in which I have provided two types of the same template. Like today in this article I have given you Dnd Mode CapCut Template . In this you will be provided templates of both. Now see, if you are a beginner editor then you can do your editing using vn and if you want to create your video by using different effects then you can use capcut template, so let us know about this. In the article, if you want to use it then how can you do it and if you want to use it in capcut then how can you do it. We will know both in detail in this article.

Dnd Mode CapCut Template

Look here, what you have to do first to use vn, we will know further. First of all, see what type of video your video will be ready for. You must have seen that as soon as you turn on DND mode, your photo appears, so you can make it yourself by recording the screen in iPhone. If you have an iPhone then what you can do is put your photo on your wallpaper and just set DND mode on your notification panel. By going there, you can create this video in this way, but if you have Android then let us tell you how you can do it using two methods?

How To Use Vn Templates

Now see, as I told you, I am going to tell you here in two methods. To do that, first of all I will tell you how to create vn editor. You are given a simple QR code here. You have to download this qr code. Below that you will find its button. Simply download it by clicking on use. Now as you have downloaded it. You have to open your application. Go to the scan option there and scan the tax code and after that you will see that template there. Just replace the photo and your video is ready. Then you can export and if you want to use some effects then let us tell you. How do we do that in capcut?

Dnd Mode Vn Template

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How To Use Dnd Mode CapCut Template

Friends, see, we will learn about the template of capcut, so here I have uploaded another template related to it. Look, if you like it then you can use it because look, it is also a template of the same type. If you like it, you can simply create your video using it, then its link will be found below. You simply have to click on its corresponding button. From then on he will take you to Capcut. There you have to select the photo by clicking on it and after that you have to create the video. Just like this you can make it in capcut and whichever of the two methods you like, you can make it by simply doing it.

Dnd Mode CapCut Template Trend

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Dnd Mode CapCut Template Link

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Dnd Mode CapCut Template - 2023

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New Trending CapCut Templates

Now see, as I told you, till now both such templates were not given to you in any article. Now in this article I have also given the template of vn, so see if you want more templates then you can tell us by commenting. We will upload different forest templates of this type so that you can create your videos using them.

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