Free Lightroom Presets

free lightroom presets

Lightroom presets

This is the Lightroom preset that I am going to give you. This preset would be awesome. On your Instagram or in your status video which is on reels. You must have seen such images. One of my visitors said that brother, give me such a preset, with the help of which I can also edit such a photo, then you people speak and I do not bring it. If it is impossible then today in this article I am going to give you Free Lightroom Presets. And why is it special because it is demanded by you and you must download it.

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free lightroom presets

Now this preset, you will see how, how will you know how to guess the preset, till then I will tell you. What should you do with Simple? Read this article you will be clear. Like friends, you must have seen the black color preset. Now don’t say again that you haven’t seen the preset of black color, so what to do for that. Simple go to the above search option and search on it. black preset, there you will get the result and there you can see that the preset will be the same as yours.

How to use presets

To use the presets, download them from the website and get them for free here. Simply download and add to Lightroom after downloading. Add it there and it will look like the picture. Just open it, click 3dot from there, and click the copy settings option. Here is his view. The photo will be copied and opened. Edit what you need to edit and click her 3rd point there. And there you will see options for insert settings. Now add the set color to the photo. It is delivered in a very easy-to-use condition.

Free Lightroom Presets
Free Lightroom Presets

About Dng and xmp presets

This is a DNG preset . Let’s tell, what happens. You must be clicking photos in your phone. Well, the photo you click, you normally get it in jpg, but the preset is in raw. Look, it’s written in the corner. Raw, these are DNG presets, which are DNG presets, used in Lightroom. If you want, copy and paste settings from jpg to RAW, but that’s not possible. Raw file contains whatever happens in it, all the color contrast etc. are all locked. That means you can correct them anytime by opening them. But if you can’t see the same thing in GPG now. That’s the fix. You cannot do anything to them again and whatever you do again, it starts from the new one.

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How to download free lightroom presets

Always you get the download button only at the end of our article. From there you can download it. Without any problem, simple or you have to click on the button when you click and then you will go to the link of media fire. Which are preset packs means in which you get more presets. I give that to you in Google Drive and the single preset that I give to you, I give it to you on Media Fire, then click on the simple button. There you will find a download button. You download from there.

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