Grey and pink lightroom preset

Grey and pink lightroom preset | Grey and pink lightroom preset mobile

Lightroom presets

Friends, you must have heard the name of gray color preset. You will find Lightroom presets of gray color only on our website. In today’s article, I have brought Grey and pink lightroom preset for you. Look, because of the two colors it has, it becomes special. Pink is the colour. Because of that this preset will look good. In your view, if your photo has red color or orange color. This is preset, will change it to pink color. You can use it easily. I have mentioned the rest of the details in the paragraphs below. Look like if you want to use this preset. I have also told you how you will do it.

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Grey and pink lightroom preset

Green and pink are the colors, understand that black and pink have become in color, due to which you must have seen black color. Similarly, this gray color of yours is going to happen. There is a slight difference in this. If you look at it properly then you will understand, otherwise you will know by looking that it is gray in colour. That’s why I already wrote. If the key is gray and pink, then you will understand that this color is a specific color and you can use it easily. How will your result come after using it on your photo and on the photo. To know about the before and after which has been given on our website. You see that your photo is also going to be same to the same.

How to use presets

Step 1 – This is a lightroom preset, it is one of the best editing lightroom preset which is color. This is a premium color and understand that it is a premium preset. I have created this by myself. In Gaya I made it myself in Lightroom application and also made it in mobile. It is not like if you have made it in PC but if you are a mobile editor then it is best for you because it comes only in mobile, you can do it. Simple what to do without any problem and to use. First of all you have to download it.

Grey and pink lightroom preset
Grey and pink lightroom preset

Step 2 – If you have downloaded it, simply share it in lightroom and it will be added. After it is added, you have to open the sample preset. Then click on it and from there you will get the option of copy setting. Click on it to copy the setting. By the way you will copy the setting. After that you open your photo, click on 3dot there and post it there and then that is your preset. It will be applied on your photo.

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How to download Grey and pink lightroom preset

You will get the download option. In the below you just have to click on it. As soon as you click, you will go to the download page. There you will find the download button. Simply click and start download, in this way you can download our presets. In some you will find a password attached. For that you will have to watch his video.

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