iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets

iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets | 50+ iphone lightroom presets link 2023

Lightroom Preset Bundle Lightroom presets Xmp presets bundle

Friends, if you do not have an iPhone and if you have an Android phone and you want those that are from the filters of the iPhone. If you are using all of them in your Android phone, then I have come up with its solution. In today’s article, I am going to give you iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets and you can download it in one click and use it in your editing. This is all xmp preset. Now look, the advantage in this is that even if you have an Android phone, you can use all the filters of the iPhone in it. All the filters of iphone thirteen have been made in this and you can use all of them in one click.

iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets

You know the advantage of using iphone filter is that you can use all the effects of iphone in your dry phone and see all you get in xmp which is preset with dng. It is a little difficult to use them because you have to copy their settings. Then paste it, it will take a lot of time. If you are given 50 plus preset. That’s why we have brought xmp preset bundle here for you. Which you can download and import directly. If you do not know how to import, then read the below paragraph, there you will be told. You do it anyway.

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iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets
iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets

Lightroom App

Friends, the Lightroom application is a very powerful application. You can do a cool editing with it. Look like Lightroom application was made for pc. But now it has been made for mobile also, so you also clicked from your mobile using it in your mobile. You can edit photos coolly. Look if you don’t have a DSLR then it doesn’t matter. You can easily give a different look to your photo by colorgrading mobile photos, so download these Lightroom Play Store and then use it. Now see, if you do not know how to use it, then download it from our website and use it to improve your photo.

iphone 13 pro max presets
iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets free

How to use presets in lightroom

The method to use xmp preset is very easy. For example, for DNG presets, you used to copy and paste the settings. Well what do you have to do with xmp? Simply you have to open your lightroom app. There you have to go to your preset option and what you have to do there. Simply someone has to select one of his photos. Then there you will get the option of import preset. In this case, you will not see the option of import, you simply have to click on it. From there you have to select the file to import it and after that add it and after adding it you will get to see all the presets. From there you can add.

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How to download iphone 13 pro max lightroom presets

Below I have given to google drive to download. By the way, I give the link of all media fire in single preset. But here I have given a link to Google Drive for the zip file that I have because it is very safe, so you simply click on it and go to Google Drive and download it from there. The method is simple. If you do not know how to download, then you can comment us or you can understand by reading someone in our old article.

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