Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets

Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets | iphone presets lightroom free download

Lightroom presets

Look, today’s time is such that no one has an iPhone, but everyone has to click photos from the iPhone. Look there is a solution. You have that by using our preset you can color grade your photo like iphone and you can do these things in android also how? I am going to tell you how you can do that thing in Android as well, so what you just have to do is read our article thoroughly. Today in this article, Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets have been brought for you. By using this preset you can convert your photo to the color of iPhone. Its name is iPhone Camera Preset. So that you clearly know that it has been inspired by the camera of the iPhone. So that you will use the filter of that room. He will come in your photo.

Lightroom Presets

Right now I cannot tell which iPhone has the preset because it has been inspired by all the cameras and a different type of preset has been made. Look, it is not that the iPhone Thirteen Fourteen has been made inspired by the mobiles of the iPhone. This means all the variants of the iPhone, understand that a filter has been created by combining all of them and you can use this filter in just one click. If you want their variants, you will find them on our website. I have already uploaded their variant also, if you want, you can go and download it from there.

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Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets

Now look, to use this preset of iPhone, it is not that you must have an iPhone mobile. What should you do simple? You can easily use it on whatever Android phone you have. This which is then given to you in dng preset. As you see, you get it in two preset formats. A xmp and dng are not given here for me because there is a single preset and it doesn’t seem anywhere. You use it in dng, simple how to use it, how you can add in lightroom. I will tell all these things below now, you read it.

Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets
Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets

How To Use Presets Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets

If you want to use this preset, then I am telling you how to do it. Look how you do simple meditation. You download the simple preset. After downloading again, you have to share it in the application. You can add it by sharing it in the Lightroom application. Then you simply open the application. There also you can simply add this preset by going to add photo. Apply in both the methods. Now as you have added the preset to Lightroom. What you have to do here is now you have to add a single new photo of yours. Like you have added preset. By the way add this one too.

You have been using Lightroom for so many days now. You would know what to do next. If you are not then you go ahead I tell you. Here now you have to open the preset. There you will find many options on the side of preset. Look at the top you will find 3dot. Then click on it and there you have to set the copy setting. From there you get an option of coffee setting, if you click on it, it will be copied. After that you have to click on the photo and there you go. You will get it there and from there you can do it, in this way you can easily apply it on your photo.

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How To Download Preset

I have given the download button below. Simply click on that button. If you want to download any preset from our website, then there you are given the download button at the end of the article. It is written on it. Download preset, download now simply click on it and after that your preset will be downloaded or you can download it by going to the download page.

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