Iphone Outdoor Lightroom Preset

Iphone Outdoor Lightroom Preset Free Download – 2024

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Iphone Outdoor Lightroom Preset – You all must have been surprised when you heard the names of all the presets. Would have wondered how this preset could happen. But we have made all the arrangements for this preset also. In this article, we are going to provide you its DNG preset. In this article, you are provided with a Lightroom preset which if you use, your photo will be easily edited and you will not face any problem in doing this editing. Just follow the process that will be told to you, outdoor and iPhone! It lives up to its name as it was clicked outdoors. Since then, the photo shown here has received the filter of iPhone, so how has this happened and how can you also create a photo with such effect. Today we will know in this article.

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Iphone Outdoor Lightroom Preset

The name of the preset you will get in this is its name. iPhone outdoor lightroom preset means that if you click outside the house and click it with the help of iPhone, then it will be total. We have prepared a preset for iPhone outdoor photo, like the filters available in iPhone, you get them only in iPhone. You all know this and if you use any application, you do not get it in it. This Lightroom preset that you are going to get has filters added to it. You can edit your photo with this filter and only for editing purpose. You can use it in your photos and edit your photos.

Outdoor Lightroom Preset

Look, many people like this outdoor preset very much. Because see, not everyone has studio equipment at home if you normally go to click photos at home. If you do not have proper lighting etc. then your photo will not come out right. If we talk about outside then if you click a photo anywhere outside the house. You will find many good locations. Where you can click your photo. There is no need for a camera for that, even with a normal phone if you have an Android phone. You can do that also. But you cannot click the same thing at home without the help of a camera. Even if you do, many things will have to be adjusted. Then go and click out and you can do it easily.

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How To Use Iphone Outdoor Lightroom Preset

Now look at the preset we have provided you. This is a DNG preset which you can easily use to edit your photo, but for that you have to download it, we have told you below how to download it. Do it from there now that you have downloaded it. What you have to do. You will be told a procedure that you have to follow. What you have to do is you have to add the Lightroom preset to the Lightroom application. How will you add this?

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If you open the application, you will automatically get photo options there. You will also see this reset there. You have to select the preset and then add it. Now you have to edit your photo. Add a photo for that and then open your preset. There you click on the three dots and copy the settings of the preset. Then go to your photo and click on the 3 dots there and paste it. Just like this you can edit your photo.

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How To Download Iphone Outdoor Lightroom Preset

For those who want to download the preset, a download button is given above. You click on it which will take you to your new page. There you will have to wait for 5 seconds. After that you will see the download button. Click on it and download your preset. Which will take you to Google Drive and you know. How to download to Google Drive?

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