Kerala Wedding Lightroom Presets

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As friends, you all would know that wedding season is coming and you will need presets and LUTs and you will edit your videos with them, so today in this article we have brought Lightroom presets for you. In this you are going to get Kerala Wedding Lightroom Presets. Now you can use it in any type of wedding. If you do night photography then you can use it there as well as during day time. Now see, we will discuss its remaining details in further articles, so you will have to read the article carefully so that you will not have any confusion and you can easily use and download it.

Kerala Wedding Lightroom Presets

Now look at the special 70 plus filters given here. That filter type is preset i.e. you will get xmp. Now look these duplicates have been given to you. You were specially given presets for Kerala wedding because the photo shoots that take place there are mostly outdoors. Now whenever you click your photo outdoors, then definitely use this preset. This will add a premium to your photo and make your photo look even better. For example, if you click on your own, it will be good, but if you use it a little bit, it will make your photo look even better, so let us know how you can download it?

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Lightroom Presets

Look at this xmp preset. It is being provided to you in that zip file. Now there is no need to extract the zip file. What used to happen earlier was that you had to extract the zip file that was given to you. Then you add it in Lightroom. Now look here, I will tell you so that you can add it in just one click without extracting the zip. I will explain that process in detail. Let us know just by reading the article below carefully. How and what to do?

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Kerala Wedding Lightroom Presets
Kerala Wedding Lightroom Presets

How To Use Kerala Wedding Lightroom Presets

Well, normally everyone uses it easily. But for those people who have difficulty in understanding, I want to explain. Look, whatever zip file will be given to you, you can easily download it, you will find the download link below. That will also be told. How to do: Now see, whatever zip you downloaded, leave it there in the file manager. You just have to keep in mind the location in which folder you have that zip file. After that you have to apply Lightroom.

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There you have to go to the preset option and by clicking on the 3 dots in it, you have to select the import option. Look there, the file manager will open and select your file from there. I have already said that you have to keep in mind the location of the zip file. Now as soon as you select jeep, you will get the option of import. Importing from Simple. All your presets will be added there. Now you can use them in just one click.

Download Process :-

And finally you are provided a red colored button for download. You just have to click on that button, as soon as you click, your timer starts. Meaning that your download timer starts. From there you will see the timer finish. It will take you to the page from where you can download in one click. As soon as you go to the page, you have to click there.

Download and like you will click on it. Your download will start. Then you can use it by adding it as mentioned.

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