Lightroom aqua and purple presets

Lightroom aqua and purple presets | Blue And Purple Tone Free Lightroom Preset Download

Lightroom presets

Hello friends, how are you, all of you are welcome to our website, friends, today I have brought Lightroom aqua and purple presets for you which is going to happen. You can download mix color preset and this color preset for absolutely free. Like what is meant by mix color in this that there are two colors in the mix. One is your aqua color and the other is your purple colour. Both these colors will be applied on your photo. So how good will your photo be? You can guess that. Here you can see it. By looking at the photo, you can guess how cool it is going to be and you can download it for free.

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Lightroom aqua and purple presets

Now look mix color does not mean that you have any photo. Means he will do whatever he wants. You look at this, first I used two colors in this. Look, one is yours. Purple color which is purple color will come on your side. If there is yellow color anywhere in your photo. This purple color will be used on it. After that again and if your aqua color look. If there is this green color anywhere in the background, this color will be applied to the photo. When these two colors are created, this image gives a lot of magic and looks very nice even after using it. It’s going to be

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Lightroom app

Friends, you must know about lightroom. Which you can edit your photo. You can do retouching of your photo with lightroom. They are past editing applications. Which you can colorgrade your photo well. There is no such application for anyone else. Which can give the best result. This is also an app. Which you can edit your photo. My friends, you can download more such presets for free from our website. And you have to download the lightroom app from playstore. And if you want to download it from chrome then I will tell you that you should not download from there. If you want to use it properly, then you have to download it from playstore.

Lightroom aqua and purple presets
Lightroom aqua and purple presets

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Friends, you will get the lightroom that you have on the Play Store. You simply download it from there, what you have to do after downloading it from there. You simply have to open it and you have to add preset in it, it is simple. Just add open again Make copy setting and after that you have to add your photo on it and there also you have to make paste setting and apply in this way.

how to download Lightroom aqua and purple presets

Friends, I have given media fire link to download the preset. All these links are also available for download. It’s easier than Google Drive. Simple as you click on the button. You will find a download button over there. You get new as soon as you click. Click on it and your download will start.

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