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How are you friends, hope you all are well. Do you all know? In today’s article I have brought you a Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset. Today in this article you are going to get black and cyan Lightroom preset. Now this is the color preset, which I have checked on Google till now. No one has uploaded such a preset yet. The color it is set to is not a separate type of color preset. Once you see its result, you will be surprised yourself, so let us know in detail about this preset and how to download this preset. You will get that also in this article. to download it by clicking on it. You will get to know everything in this article only. just have to read it.

Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset

In this present you get to see two color effects. One which will be your cyan color which is like the blue color type you have seen, but this is its name cyan color and the other which is your color which is black. Let me tell you this, see it will give two things to your photo: black color effect and cyan color effect. Now look at this black color effect. If there is blue color anywhere in your photo, then it will change it to black color and if there is green or slightly yellow color anywhere. This will change it to cyan color, so if you want to add such effects to your photo. You will have to use this effect and to use this effect, I will tell you how you can use it.

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Cyan And Black Preset

I have given this preset to you in dng format. Here some people start facing problems like if I provide it in xmp preset then they do not understand how to do it, brother, I have put a video on it. On my Telegram and there I keep telling everyone that brother, watch this video, all your problems will be solved. But still people do not understand. When many new people come, we have to tell them. Look, even if it doesn’t happen to you, you don’t know. If you do an xmp preset then join our telegram. I will post the video there. From there you can see and understand and if you don’t understand then you can simply ask us there but here you can only comment.

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Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset Download
Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset

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How To Use This Presets

As I told you in the above paragraph that the preset given to you is a dng preset, so you can simply download it, I will also tell you how to download it below. First of all, now if you want to use it, what you have to do is to share whatever preset you have downloaded. In your application, you download the Lightroom application from Play Store or download it from anywhere and after that add a preset to it and also add a photo which you want to edit, after that you have to open the preset. There you will get the option of 3 dots. By clicking from there you can copy the settings of the preset. There are many more options available there, but you do not have to do anything in them. All you have to do is copy setting. Similarly, you have to open your photo and there also you will get 3 dots. There you will get the option of paste setting. What you can do simply is that you can paste it by clicking on the paste option there. Due to which your photo will be ready in just one click.

How To Download Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset

And look, a button has been provided for you to download. You can download it from this button. Simple, you just have to click on the button and it will take you directly to Google Drive. Look, I have given the Google Drive button because there was a problem with the Media Fire button. The presets of some people were not being used. For this reason, I have made it available on Google Drive here, so you will not face any problem in downloading it from Google Drive.

Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset
Lightroom Cyan And Black Preset

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