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You all must have seen such normal black color presets. Well, many presets have been provided and you might have downloaded them also. You might have used it also, but do you know that today you are going to get a special color preset in the article. Yes, today in this article you are going to get Lightroom Luxury Black Presets Download. Now I will tell you further what different you will find in it. But in this you will be given top five presets and this too for free and here one more thing is going to be special for you. Whatever these presets will be, they will all be in dng format so you can easily download and use them because I had seen that a lot of people were facing problems in downloading and using them from a sample preset. You will not have any problem here. You can do this thing easily.

Lightroom Luxury Black Presets Download

Look, to understand this, let me give you an example. For example, if two boys with the same name live in a village, you will see that even if both of them have the same name, their lifestyle and lifestyle will be different. Similarly, look at this black color preset. Both of these have the same name, but the color effect in both is completely different and in this I have provided you five more color presets in the luxury black one so that your photo becomes better, that is, if you believe that If your photo is not set with any one preset, then you can use another one. Whatever can be used well on your photo and those who want xmp can comment. I can also provide xmp for them.

Luxury Black Dng Presets Download

I had provided the dng preset because when I shared this post on Telegram, a person there told me that brother, look at the xmp preset that you provide, it would be very difficult to use it. So, I have also shared a video with him in which I told him how he can use it, but still he was not able to understand. You didn’t like this thing a bit, then I thought that if I provide you four-five presets, then I will present you the style in them. But if I provide you 50 or 100 presets, then I will provide you only xmp. Now see, if you have any problem in that then you will have to watch that video and understand the steps properly. Then you can go and do that thing. For now, we are going to give DNG, so we will learn about how to use DNG.

Lightroom Luxury Black Presets Download
Lightroom Luxury Black Presets Download

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How To Use Lightroom Luxury Black Presets

The DNG preset here is easily used by you, so we will easily understand how you can create it using it in a very easy way, then what you have to do. You simply have to download the preset from our website. Now it’s like you’ve downloaded your preset. You have to share it and add it to your application, which you will have to do because you cannot do it without adding it. How will you edit? Simply add it there. There you should add a photo together or your photo should be added. Now after that open the preset. There you will see all the effects, then you have to simply click on the three dots and there you will get the option of coffee setting. Now you will click on it. Your preset settings will be copied and after that you have to open the photo. There you will find 3 dots and you can paste it there.

How To Download Presets

I provided you a red colored button to download the preset. See, with this button you can download all the presets at once. Like you click on the button. A timer starts which lasts for 10 seconds. After that it will take you to Google Drive or simply take you to its download server. Wherever there is a download button. Will take you there. Will go there. There you will see all the presets, then you have to simply open the preset. There you will find the download button at the top. You can download it by clicking on it or click on 3 dots and you will get the download option.

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