Lightroom pink tone preset

Lightroom pink tone preset | Lightroom pink tone preset free download

Lightroom presets

Friends, what was happening earlier that you did not get any preset for pink tone. If you want to edit your photo in pink color, then what you had to do first was to add it to editing, then you can make it pink. By using the mix color option again, in this article I have brought Lightroom pink tone preset for you. You do not need to use it twice. Simple, if you use this preset once then pink color will be applied on your photo and you can see before and after in the article, seeing which you will know if you are new on our page, then share our page with your friends.  In.

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Lightroom pink tone preset

Friends, it is not necessary that whatever preset you use, that preset will set your photo perfectly, so it is not so. No preset is made such that it can be set perfect on any photo. All presets have some or the other drawback. All presets are made according to that photo. The photo on which it is preset, then if there is a slight difference in your photo, then I tell only one trick. Simple what to do, if you want to increase the brightness in it then use trick. What to do with your photo, go to the light option and what to do there. You have to fill it with 100 on the shadow option and increase the black option at the bottom. Brightness will come in your photo and it will be nice to see.

use Presets in Mobile Lightroom App?

Look, some people have such a problem that they have a preset. They are not supported or imported into Lightroom. Let me tell you in the easiest truck to import, let me tell you. Simple look you open the lightroom application. There you click on the plus option to create your album and there you will be asked to create folders and albums. Create the album, after that look down there you will get a camera option. You will get another media option. You go to the media option,

from there you have to add the preset from your gallery. Then in some time your preset will be added. It takes some time to add. Simply tap on that preset and it will open. Will see the photo there, see 3dot is found on the right side above the photo. There you have to click. There will be an option of copy setting, simply click on it and copy the setting. Then open your photo and there you have to click on 3 dot and set the paste. Just the photo of you. She will be ready.

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Lightroom pink tone preset
Lightroom pink tone preset

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Requirements for Lightroom Application

Look friends, if you want to use this preset in Lightroom application, then you will have to download Lightroom application and Lightroom application will be available on Play Store and it is not yet that any application can come in editing which can compete with Lightroom. Lightroom is the best application in editing so far and no such application has come so far if you do photo editing. If you want to change the normal background, then you can use any application, but if you want to do retouching, then lightroom is the best for that. If you also want to use Lightroom application. So download it from play store. Since then the mobile you have. Keep at least 2GB of RAM and 4GB of storage free in it, then use it.

Lightroom pink tone preset Lightroom pink tone preset

How to download Lightroom pink tone preset

To download you have given a button below. Simply click on it and you will be taken to the download page. There I will tell you one option. Which takes you to Google Drive that clicking on 3dot and there you click on the download option. But if you live directly in the browser, then there you will get the download button above. Click on it and download it.

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