Lightroom purple preset download

Lightroom purple preset download | purple preset lightroom free download

Lightroom presets

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope that you all will be good, then friends, if you like purple collar. And if you also want your photo to be edited in purple, then you will have to download this preset. So now in this article you are going to get Lightroom purple preset download. Friends, if you want to use this preset. So you have to download your lightroom. Only then you will be able to use it because this is not a background png which you can use in any application. For this you will need lightroom application. Then you use it as you have been told.

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Lightroom purple preset

Friends, look at this colour, it is purple colour. If you know what purple color is in purple color, then use this preset because if you do not know what purple color is, then I will tell you. It is a blue color type color. In this you get purple color and if you like purple color then use this preset and be happy.

use Presets in Mobile Lightroom App?

Look, if you also want to use this preset, then you have to download the Lightroom application in your mobile, which you will get absolutely free from Play Store and you can download it. But some things are premium in this for which you will need a subscription. But I will tell such a trick that you will not need to take a subscription. You will be able to simply use this preset. What you do is download the preset you were told to download. How can you download, after that you simply have to open it and share its preset. You’ll see it in your lightroom application and there. If you have already added preset, then you will see that too, then you simply keep this photo in mind and then open it. There you will find something. From there you will get 3dot. The option of copy setting is to click on it and your setting will be copied. Then you open your photo and you have to paste setting there.

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Lightroom purple preset download
Lightroom purple preset download

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Requirements for Lightroom Application

Look friends, if you want to use this preset in Lightroom application, then you will have to download Lightroom application and Lightroom application will be available on Play Store and it is not yet that any application can come in editing which can compete with Lightroom. Lightroom is the best application in editing so far and no such application has come so far if you do photo editing. If you want to change the normal background, then you can use any application, but if you want to do retouching, then lightroom is the best for that. If you also want to use Lightroom application. So download it from play store. Since then the mobile you have. Keep at least 2GB of RAM and 4GB of storage free in it, then use it.

Lightroom purple preset download

I have given a direct download link to download. You just have to click on that and your download will start automatically. Then you can use it.

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