Moody Rain Lightroom Preset

Moody Rain Lightroom Preset | Moody Rain Lightroom Mobile Preset Free Download

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Friends, as you know that the rainy season is going on now and what many do. If you upload your photo of rain, then if you upload such a normal one, then that photo does not look right at all. As you have to correct color adjustments etc. in it, today I have brought Moody Rain Lightroom Preset for you. And because of this preset, your photos which were not looking right before. Now he is looking good. If you start using this preset, then if you want to use it, then it will be told in the article how you will use it. If still any problem arises, then we are sitting for it. We will solve your problem.

Rain Lightroom Preset

It is rainy season. It is such that many people feel good and many people feel bad. But I tell mine. I like it very much. When it rains, when you were a small child, you used to think that it rains only at school time so that you don’t have to go to school today, so these are all old memories, it used to be very good and let me tell you that Farmers get a lot of benefit from the rains that fall and because of these rains, their crops grow well. If there is no rain, then these crops are not able to grow properly and you people will be short of food and then you will know that the price of wheat and rice which is very low, will become very high in the future.

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Moody Rain Lightroom Preset

And by using this preset, your photo will be dark moody which will be in green type, like when you see clouds, if you live in a village, then you will see this scene that the green color is dark. It goes on and gets a little dark and still looks amazing. If you want the same look in your photo that your photo was clicked in the rainy season, then you have to simply download the preset and use it.

Moody Rain Lightroom Preset
Moody Rain Lightroom Preset

How To Use Moody Rain Lightroom Preset

Friends, this preset is a dng preset, so it is very easy to use it. It is your left hand game as people say it is not my right hand game, so using this preset is your left hand game because see you just add the preset to your Lightroom application. . There you have to click on 3dot. After that there you will get the option of copy setting. Copy the setting by clicking on it. Then go to the photo. Click on 3dot. There you get the option of paste setting. You simply paste it there, then the effect will appear on the photo.

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How To Download Moody Rain Lightroom Preset

The download button of this preset, you will find it below, you have to click on it as you would click on the button. You’ll go straight. On the download page you just have to click there and as if you have clicked on the button then you would have gone to the download page. From there you will find another button. The download one is your main download button just click on it and your download will start.

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