Onam lightroom presets free download

Onam lightroom presets free download | Lightroom mobile presets free download

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Onam lightroom presets free download – How are you guys, I hope you all are well. Friends, look, many people are my visitors, my subscribers, who come to my website permanently. All those friends of mine from the South, many people come here. If I see then look, today I have brought one more specially for them. Today I have brought Onam lightroom presets free download in the article. I have brought their preset so that you can easily download it. When it comes after some time, people shoot their photos and edit their photos. You can help this site. This preset is specially made for onam because you have to use this preset only on onam photos.


Onam is the festival which is also called Thiruvenam in Malayalam language. This festival lasts for 10 days and is celebrated to mark the harvest of certain crops. It is said so. Maharaj Bali was. Festivals are celebrated in his honor. The kingdom that was hers at that time used to live very happily and peacefully and there was no shortage of any kind in her kingdom.

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That’s why this festival is celebrated in his honor and is celebrated continuously for 10 days. Lasts for 1 day if you have to use. So why would you use this in the first place because that’s what a lot of people do. They click their photos in Onam and it is not normal that they shoot their photos. By doing such dressing and make-up, then if you also have to do the preset, he has to do it. Have to download and use.

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Onam lightroom presets free download
Onam lightroom presets free download

Onam lightroom presets free download

And see my subscribers, they want brother to come up with such a preset. I had uploaded a preset and on that some people said that brother bring more such presets. I put this on Telegram. So that those who are my subscribers will know that brother has been uploaded on Telegram also, so see if you want to use this preset, then you will find the simple download button in the article. If you are active on Telegram, then you would know that I have uploaded this post. If you do not know then join our telegram there. You will get button article. If you join, then like I upload here. There also I give an update that brother, after uploading this, download it, whoever wants to download it. Joining in this way benefits you as well and gives you many more things.

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How to use Onam lightroom presets free download

I had given this preset for mobile users. Look in this, if you are a person of this type, then you tell me that brother, provide me this for PC also, then I will upload it for you. Brother, there is no problem, see that you are equal to my brother. If you want anything, just comment me, I will be there for you. That’s all. If the process of using it comes after downloading it, then how will you do it. To use as you have downloaded.

You simply have to share it and add it to the application. Now as I said that you download the mobile application for mobile, after that you have to open it simply. What do you have to do there? Opened the simple preset. To copy the settings of the preset, click on the three dots on the right side of the preset. There you have to leave the crop and the one that is selective. After that you have to open your photo. Clicking on 3 dots there and paste it. Just your settings will come on your photo and you can do it like this.

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How To Download Onam lightroom presets free download

Button has been given for download from which you will get that blue color button. You have to click on that button and after that as it takes you to the download page, then it is the page of Media Fire which is a page with a download link. You will simply have a download button there or the name of the application will be written, it will start. It is very simple, almost everyone should know, do not know. I have uploaded the video on Telegram, will come to see it.

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