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Friends, in today’s era everyone goes out for a walk and if you also go, then you come by clicking your photo as it is the trend of today’s time. If you go somewhere, you definitely click your photo, then it happens that sometimes your face in your photo becomes black or your photo is not correct. If the color does not look right in it, then I have brought one for you. A Lightroom preset named Outdoor fashion lightroom preset and you are going to get it absolutely free and you can download it and use it in your editing when you have to copy its setting and paste it on your photo.

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Requirements for Adobe Lightroom Mobile Application

Look, if you do not have the Lightroom application, then download this application from the Play Store, you will get the app store, which is absolutely free. Ok. Now here you have downloaded it. Now you will have a requirement for this. The minimum you have to have is 4GB of RAM and 4GB of free storage. Then it will work properly in your phone and if your phone starts hanging and again and again you will face difficulty in using it.

Pro tip – Look, want more presets like this. If you want Lightroom preset. Need vn filter or need alight motion preset. You will get all that absolutely free on our website. You just go to the preset category and select whatever category you want and there you will get the download link.

Outdoor fashion lightroom preset
Outdoor fashion lightroom preset
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How to use Presets in Mobile Lightroom App?

I tell the method of preset that the user uses in a simple trick. You see what to do, first share the preset with your file manager and add it to your Lightroom application. Here your photo will appear in your Lightroom application. After that click on preset. There you will find 3dot. On that you will get the option of copy setting. By clicking on it, it is okay to copy all the settings from it, after that go to your photo. There also you will get 3dot. There you will get the option of paste setting. Clicking on it and whatever it is, all the effects will come on your photo. People using like this.

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Outdoor fashion lightroom preset Outdoor fashion lightroom preset

Outdoor fashion lightroom preset download

To download you will find a download button at the bottom of the look. Clicking on it and there you will directly go to Google Drive. If you go to Google Drive, then you have to click on 3dot there. There you will find the download button. The second method is if you see the photo as if you click on the link. Will see you photo. There you will find the download button at the top. You can download by clicking on it.

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