Raj Hindi Font Free Download

Raj Hindi Font Free Download | All 100+ Raj Fonts Download


You must be knowing about Hindi fonts which are very difficult to find and if you want to use them then their use is a little different. Meaning that they can be used in a different way. If you use English font normally. However, you cannot use Hindi font. For that you need a medium like you will need an application which will convert the font and give it to you. Then you can use it in your application. Let us discuss about it in the article and today in this article you will get Raj Hindi Font Free Download. There are many fonts in Hindi font as well. They have different names, so one of them is a font whose

name is Raj font and it is very famous right now. Meaning that you can get different types of designs on it. Hundred Plus fonts are given in it, so you can also download it in one click.

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Raj Hindi Font Free Download

Now see, in this article, you will be provided with Hindi fonts. Look, to use Hindi fonts, you have to follow some process. Which we are going to tell in the article right now. In this, you have been given hundred plus fonts, you know the meaning of hundred plus. In which you will get around 150. Now see how you can use them. Which I just told you that you can do and see this Raj font. It comes in Kruti Dev fonts. You must have heard its name, if you use font converter, Raj font will not come in it.

For that, you convert Kruti Dev and after that you can use this phone. I also did not know but when I tried it, then I got an idea. For demo, I have added its screenshot here. You can get an idea by looking at it. This is how our font is going to be and to know the full full, you will have to use the font. Only then will you get the full idea.

First Use Font Converter

First of all you will have to use a font converter. For example, if you use an English font, you can directly write anything in it and it gets translated. Okay, but for Hindi you need a special keyboard. If you know how to use a keyboard, then it is fine, otherwise you can use a converter. You can do it very easily with the converter. For example, if there is any new person who wants to learn to use Hindi font, download a font converter application. You will find many of them on the Play Store.

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Select Kruti Dev font in it and write whatever you want to write originally in the first font. Then convert it. After converting, it will become a code type there, so what you have to do with it is to copy it. After copying, you have to go to whatever application you want to edit. We explain the process after that in the paragraph below.

100+ Raj Hindi Font Free Download

How To Use Raj Hindi Font Free Download

Now whatever application you want to use, like you have to use any one application, by which you want to use fonts and put them on your photo or you want to create a banner. That is up to you, so what you have to do now. You have to go to the text option. After going there, you will find fonts there, like you will see many fonts there. You go there and first paste the text there, after pasting, go to fonts and add that font. How to add, there is a different process for it in all applications. There you have to see that you will find the option of import font. It is in all applications, you will find its symbol or text.

Now in your application, it will be according to your requirement. Then see, after that import it, after importing select any one of the fonts from it. The code which was copied from your converter. Now it will be converted into text. Whatever you had written there. It will be converted into a Hindi design font. Now you can put it on your banner or wherever you want. You can put it in this application or you can also save it to put it somewhere else.

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And Download Process

And to download we added the button of Mediafire as you will click on download. This is the page of Mediafire. After going there you will find a download button of blue color, you click on it and after that your quick download will start. Then now as I told you, you can add your fonts and use it. Now it is up to you how you want to do it.

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