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Soft grey lightroom preset | grey lightroom presets free download

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Hello everyone how are you now, welcome to all of you on our website ourpresets and like. Let people know that something different is always available on our website, so now in this article I have brought Soft grey lightroom preset for you. Which is gray preset and you can download it for absolutely free and if you use it, you will say that it is a cool preset, it will give your photo in gray color. Your background may be of any type, it will give gray color to your photo. Now you should know how to use it. So if you do not know how to use it, then you will find the article below, read it there. will come

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Requirements for Adobe Lightroom Mobile Application

This preset is a gray color preset. Gray color is such that you get a little different from black color. Means if there is a little light color in black color. We call it gray, then you can use this preset to edit your photo in great, so if you want to use Lightroom, then I will tell you what is needed for Lightroom. First of all, you have to download Lightroom from Play Store. After downloading it from Play Store, you have to open it and here you can use it.

Now to use the application itself, at least 2GB of RAM should be free in your phone and 4GB of storage should be free because this is an application which is a powerful application and you cannot use it in a lightweight phone, because if If you use it in the first phone, then your phone will get hot and your phone will stop and there will be a lot of trouble. That’s why you use it in a good phone.

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You can visit our website for any color preset. Here you get all kinds of Lightroom presets. You can download them for free like if you believe. If you want red color preset then simple what to do, you go, on the below search option and you search there you will find it.

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Soft grey lightroom preset
Soft grey lightroom preset

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How to use Presets in Mobile Lightroom App?

Now how will you use this preset now? Tell me that simple way, like we have xmp preset, so I have also told them how you can use them and like I have given them yesterday. 50 plus moody presets. If you have not downloaded that, then go and download that too, it is absolutely free. That too and now let’s tell how to use this preset. First of all add this preset. After that open reset and click on 3dot and then there you will get the option of copy setting. After that you have to open your photo. There also you will get 3dot. you will get the option of paste setting. There you have the setting of your preset. You can paste in this way the effect of preset will come on your photo.

Soft grey lightroom preset download

There will be a button below to download, so if your phone is on Android 11, Android 12, then how will you use it, then I told you in a simple way, if you click on it, then it is a link to Google Drive, then you only have to select one Gmail. Will speak to do. If you have more Gmail then select any one Gmail and from there you will be taken to Google Drive and from then on you will get it. If photo is not given then you will get 3 dot in right side. Clicking on it and download will be found there. Click on it and your download will be done.

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