Pink And Green Lightroom Preset

Pink And Green Lightroom Preset | Green And Pink Lightroom Preset

Friends, today I have come with a Pink And Green Lightroom Preset. Do you all know that this new preset is very different? Only after watching you will know what type of preset this is, it is a very amazing preset. Why didn’t you give me this earlier and some special tricks have been used […]

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White Tone Lightroom Preset

White Tone Lightroom Preset | White tone lightroom preset mobile

Friends, what you are going to get in today’s article is White Tone Lightroom Preset . Now look where you should know from its name that it is white tone preset and not white preset. What happens in the white tone preset is that a light white color effect comes in your photo, while your […]

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Colour Gallery Lightroom Preset

Colour Gallery Lightroom Preset | Lightroom Presets Free Download For Android

Friends, you must have seen many such accounts on Instagram who do photo editing and after editing photos, they put it on their account. One such account is named Color Gallery. Look, the one who edits photos, edits photos by applying a preset of the same color and all his photos are in the same […]

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15 August Lightroom Preset

15 August Lightroom Preset | 15 August Lightroom Mobile Preset

15 August Lightroom Preset On 15th August, you will see many backgrounds. Did you know there are also presets for August 15th? Yes, I have brought 15 August Lightroom Preset for you in the article. In this you will get three colors which are three colors in our tricolor flag. Similarly, you will get three […]

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Lightroom Red And Blue Preset

Lightroom Red And Blue Preset | Download Blue & Red Tone Lightroom Mobile Preset

Lightroom reset has such a color which is very much liked which is blue color and such color if you use it on any photo then it also looks good in the photo, I have mixed another color in it which That this is red color, if there is red color anywhere in your photo, […]

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