Pink And Green Lightroom Preset

Pink And Green Lightroom Preset | Green And Pink Lightroom Preset

Friends, today I have come with a Pink And Green Lightroom Preset. Do you all know that this new preset is very different? Only after watching you will know what type of preset this is, it is a very amazing preset. Why didn’t you give me this earlier and some special tricks have been used […]

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White Tone Lightroom Preset

White Tone Lightroom Preset | White tone lightroom preset mobile

Friends, what you are going to get in today’s article is White Tone Lightroom Preset . Now look where you should know from its name that it is white tone preset and not white preset. What happens in the white tone preset is that a light white color effect comes in your photo, while your […]

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Colour Gallery Lightroom Preset

Colour Gallery Lightroom Preset | Lightroom Presets Free Download For Android

Friends, you must have seen many such accounts on Instagram who do photo editing and after editing photos, they put it on their account. One such account is named Color Gallery. Look, the one who edits photos, edits photos by applying a preset of the same color and all his photos are in the same […]

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Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets

Iphone Camera Lightroom Presets | iphone presets lightroom free download

Look, today’s time is such that no one has an iPhone, but everyone has to click photos from the iPhone. Look there is a solution. You have that by using our preset you can color grade your photo like iphone and you can do these things in android also how? I am going to tell […]

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Grey and pink lightroom preset

Grey and pink lightroom preset | Grey and pink lightroom preset mobile

Friends, you must have heard the name of gray color preset. You will find Lightroom presets of gray color only on our website. In today’s article, I have brought Grey and pink lightroom preset for you. Look, because of the two colors it has, it becomes special. Pink is the colour. Because of that this […]

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Clean blue lightroom preset

Clean blue lightroom preset link 2023 | Lightroom presets free link

What are Lightroom presets and why do I give them to you?If you want to know all these, read this article. If you know all these things, the article explains how to download it.See today’s article I have brought for you Clean blue lightroom preset. And this preset is going to be a very special […]

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Night rider lightroom presets

Night rider lightroom presets | Night Photography Presets for Lightroom

How are you friends, you are all welcome on our website ourpresets, where you get all kinds of lightroom absolutely free, where you will get presets of all the colors you have. If there is almost no preset, then you say, we will upload it on our website for you as soon as possible. Like […]

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