Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download

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If you are looking for Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download , then your search is about to end here because in this article we will provide you five such presets with which all your iPhone photos can be edited. Meaning, it will absolutely look like you have clicked this photo with an iPhone, so if you want these five dng presets then read our art article. If you want XMP, I have given you many ready presets for XMP. You go to one of our selfie categories and discuss about it. Now we know that look, this preset is the preset of all the different iPhones and all the filters in it were created on them, so if you want to use them now, you will have to download them first. Below you will find the link to download.

Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download

And when I saw that people are demanding more iPhone presets, then I started providing its presets and now here you have been given some presets, which you can download. This is a completely free preset. Now see, it is very easy to use the DNG presets. Use them a little. It is difficult but we are not going to give the preset like xmp preset. Will give you dng which you guys like I know you guys like dng not xmp. That’s why I have brought it here. Here you will find five different presets. Which you can download. You will find the link to the preset in this article. You can download them from there only. By the way, I have given many more lady presets. But then I got new filters. Because of that I thought let’s provide them.

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Lightroom Free Dng Presets Download

I have not provided the xmp preset to you all because I had to provide a preset and the dng one could have been provided easily and you people also liked it. Whenever I gave you a selfie on Telegram. There I started getting comments that brother, I thought that I will provide only dng from you. Look, how to use this preset will be explained to you in a paragraph below. The paragraph you have to read carefully. If you do not understand the same thing like how to use it. You must read everything about how to download because it increases your knowledge. Suppose we don’t know how to download. Then how will you use this preset and you will not know how to use it. Then what is the use of downloading all this?

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How To Use Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download

And you were given a link to use it. We are telling you how to download it first. First you have to do it, consider downloading 5 minutes and sharing it all at once and then adding it, see how to share it in Lightroom. As you go to the file manager, all your photos and videos are visible there. Everyone has to select. Meaning select this and after that you will get the option to send back or share. Clicking on it there you have to see the Lightroom application. Select where it is and then on the notification panel there it will show you that it is being added, you will get a notification as soon as it is added. After successfully imported you have to go to your Lightroom application.

Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download
Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download

There you will go to all option and you will get all the presets. The photo will also have to be added there like you added this preset. Now what you have to do there is to open the preset. Open the 3 dots there and make copy settings. Similarly, you have to open the photo and click on its three dots and paste it.

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How To Download Top 5 iPhone Lightroom Presets Free Download

A link is given below for you to download. Clicking on that button, your page opens as soon as you click on it. Like you will find the download button on that page, you can have it there. You may have to wait for a few seconds or the direct download button will appear. After that your timer will end. You have to download it and then you can edit your photo as you want.

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