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White Tone Lightroom Preset | White tone lightroom preset mobile

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Friends, what you are going to get in today’s article is White Tone Lightroom Preset . Now look where you should know from its name that it is white tone preset and not white preset. What happens in the white tone preset is that a light white color effect comes in your photo, while your entire photo set to white becomes white. If you want to know in detail then I will explain below. If you read it, your confusion will be cleared and with the help of set on it, you can put white tone in your photo. For that you have to read the complete article and go and download it.

White Tone Preset

Friends, as I told that in white tone and white color preset, I will explain to you what is the difference between the two things. Look, if looking at your photo like you, there is a part white color, then there will be a slight effect in it and the effect of color will come from above in your photo. For example, if there is already green color in your photo, then it will remain green because it is already natural and look at your white tone.

That slight effect comes from above and look what your white preset is. What happens in that which is your green color or any other color. By changing it in the photo, it will put it in full white color and your entire photo will appear in a white color. He is different. If you want that preset, I have uploaded its preset too. You can download from our site.

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White Tone Lightroom Preset

And I create such special presets myself and bring them for you so that my subscribers can download and edit their photos from wherever they are. You improve your editing. See, if you want this notification like when I upload anything, then you do not seem to know that brother, when I uploaded or when I did not, then for that I have a website on my website. A notification bell has been put up there. From there you allow it. What will happen that when I upload a preset or anything, then the notification will go to you. When the notification will go to you, then from there you can click on the website where you can see it. You can download it from here or I do it there.

White Tone Lightroom Preset
White Tone Lightroom Preset

How To Use White Tone Lightroom Preset

This preset is a dng preset. You will find the preset with DNG below. From there you download it as you download it. The process of downloading will also be explained to you. I explain everything in detail in each and every detail so that you people do not face any problem. Now as you download from simple. After that you add that to the application, now which application will be there, that will be there. You can find Lightroom on the Play Store. You download it, when you download it from the play store and open it, some permissions will appear.

After giving permission, you have to add your preset there. When you add here, what will happen after that which is your preset. It gets added to the application. When it is added to the application, then what you have to do there. You simply have to add one of your photos. Which you have to edit, then copy the setting of your preset and paste it there.

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How To Download White Tone Lightroom Preset

Simple if you want to download then you have given a button below. Do you simply click on that button now as you will click. You go directly to the download page. Then from there you can download any preset. Like if you are downloading any picture from our website, then you should download it again from that method.

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