Yellow And Aqua Lightroom Preset

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How are you guys see all of you guys. Just some time ago, I had asked you guys that friends, if you want Lightroom presets, then you guys had said. Yes yes, I want Lightroom preset, so in today’s article I have brought Yellow And Aqua Lightroom Preset for you. See anyone can do video editing, but no one can leave photo edit because someone likes it. You can’t show your video. And when you will show the photo, then the photo should be a little correct. For that I have come up with Lightroom preset. Its use will bring cool color in your photo and when your photo will get cool color. Which will make your photo wonderful to see, so how do you use it? Let’s know today in this article.

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Lightroom Preset

Friends, to use this photo you will need two things. Your background should have a green color. The second one should be your Sky Blank. Yours should turn light blue in the sky. Then there will be a perfect set on your photo. As you are seeing this preset. same way it will show you the result on your photo. If it is not both these things. If someone now uses it on a normal photo which has a green background, then its result will not be as correct as the photo I have described. If it will be on that photo, simply set any photo of yours. Then after that use it and see its result.

Yellow And Aqua Lightroom Preset

The color that is in it, one is your aqua color and the other is yours. Look at the green color sorry yellow color. How will these two colors come? If your sky is blue or normal or you must have seen that your sky is empty sometimes, then you will come by clicking the photo on your roof or not by clicking on the roof. Then your wall will go to the side. You can come by clicking on such a place. Here behind you plant some trees in the background and then go to the empty field and click your photo, after that you will be happy when you use the preset.

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Yellow And Aqua Lightroom Preset
Yellow And Aqua Lightroom Preset

How To Use Preset Yellow And Aqua Lightroom Preset

Friends, this preset you are going to get a DNG format, that preset of such format is the one that you click photos with your camera. From that type it looks like there is one jpg and dng which is raw, dng is same then what you have to do is simple. Share this preset and add it to Lightroom. Now you have to add the photo you want to edit in lightroom. Then since then you have simply opened the preset. From there you copy its setting and go to your photo and paste it. Just this setting, you definitely have to do it. After that all the effects will definitely come on your photo.

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How To Download Preset

You are given a button to download. With the help of that button you can download any of our presets. Like if you have gone to download anything. What you have to do is simple on our article. You have to click on the below download button and from then on you have to go to the download page and there you have to click and download.

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