Bright vivid lightroom preset

Bright vivid lightroom preset | Iphone lightroom presets

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Hello friends how are you all. Friends, in today’s article I am going to give you Bright vivid lightroom preset. Now what is this vivid colour? See I told you. The color that is Vivid is an iPhone filter, in which what happens is that you will be shown colorful in the face you have and your background. Just more colors will come in it and it will look much better. If you do not have an iPhone, then you can do your editing using this preset. I have provided this preset. You download and use it.

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Bright vivid lightroom preset

Now this Lightroom preset is a great preset. You can download it and I have given it in dng, not in xmp some people have problem in using it, then you can download it in simple cisco dng and friends, I have given the link below to download it. If you also have any problem. You can tell us and see what filter it is. I made the filter for iPhone and you will find the filters on our website. If you do not have an iPhone, then you can do these filters in your Android phone.

Download more presets

Like this, if you want any other preset with iPhone, then you have come to our website where you get all kinds of presets again. Let’s see what to do first. You have to visit our website and search whatever preset you want here. You will find it here and see if there is a problem with downloading, then at the end of the same article you will find its download button. From there you can download it.

Bright vivid lightroom preset
Bright vivid lightroom preset

How to use presets

To use the preset, simply download it from our website, which is available for free. Simply download it and then import it into Lightroom. It will look like the photo after you add it there. Simply open it and then click on 3dot and then on the option with the copy setting. This is how it is configured. It will be copied, and then you should open your photo. Which you must update by clicking on the three dots. And there you will see the paste setting option. So you paste the set colour onto your photo. It will arrive in this format so that you can use it quickly.

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How to download Bright vivid lightroom preset

And second is the download link. I have provided below. You just have to click on it and from then on you will go to Google Drive. Look no Google Drive, where I have given the video link. Earlier I used to Google Drive. So that you could download easily, but now it has started coming. So that’s why you can download it very easily from the link of Media Fire.

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